Fpm 1998, том 4, выпуск 3, стр. 869-888

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Personalul uman Lista personalului de conducere Lista personalului transferat, demisionat perioada Mijloace financiare ………… Colaborare cu organele de specialitate Tematica de cercetare a doc.

Costul proiectului este de 2,2 mln dolari SUA. Robert van Oort. Anexa nr. Obiectivele proiectului: 1. Elaborarea schemelor noi, eficiente de tratament chimioterapic regional. Splenectomii celioscopice au fost efectuate 41; laparotomice Acumularea materialului clinic 2.

Elaborarea a unor noi tipuri de endoproteze. Studierea aspectelor clinico-diagnostice a metastazelor tumorilor maligne cu focare primare necunoscute. Studierea aspectelor clinice ale metastazelor tumorilor maligne cu focare primare necunoscute.

Studierea structurii aspectelor morfologice a tumorilor maligne cu focare primare necunoscute. Sarcini: 1. A elabora algoritmul de diagnostic la nivelul serviciului oncologic raional. Obiectivele proiectului: a. Depozit s data Tis article presents the author's views concerning the problems related to the formation and doctrine of the Yahad sect that emerged just before the Maccabean crisis BC.

Having found in the person of the Teacher of Righteousness a true prophet and interpreter the Holy Scriptures, these zealots of the Law acquired in him a leader and instructor. Tey lef their families and the cult of the Jerusalem Temple and setled in the Judean desert to follow the instruction of their mentor.

Oxford: Clarendon, Discoveries in the Judaean Desert. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Leiden; Boston: Brill, Wicked Priest or Wicked Priests?

Ecrits intertestamentaires. Paris: Gallimard, The Qumran Community. Archaeology and History in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Proceedings of the Jerusalem Congress, July Oxford: Oxford University Press, Paris: Editions de Rouergue, ; Magness J. Michigan; Cambridge: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, ; Hirschfeld Y. Qumran in Context. Reassessing the Archaeological Evidence. Paris: F. Qumran Minora I. Qumran Origins and Apocalypticism. Qumranica Minora II. Thematic Studies on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Leiden; Boston: Brill, ; Schofield A. Leiden: Brill, ; Hanan E.Cecala, Andrew D. Colinet, William R. Fox, Robert J. Franta, Jerry Joy, Wm.


Randolph Reed, Patrick W. Reeser, John R. Rounds, Mark J. Castellan, M. O'Brien, C. Randolph Randy Reed, Ph. Reeser, Engineering Manager U. Schultz, P. Davis GS []. Occupational disorders of the lung: recognition, management, and prevention.

Saunders, pp. EPA []. Air quality criteria for particulate matter, Vol. Occupational Safety and Health Administration: air contaminants; final rule; silica, crystalline- quartz. Codified at 29 CFR NIOSH []. NIOSH criteria for a recommended standard: occupational exposure to crystalline silica.

Cincinnati, OH: U. NIOSH hazard review: health effects of occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica. NIOSH manual of analytical methods, 4 ed. NISA []. Occupational health program for exposure to crystalline silica in the industrial sand industry, 2nd ed. Billings et. Industrial ventilation: a manual of recommended practice for design. Bleier FP []. Fan handbook: selection, application, and design.

New York: McGraw-Hill.Epigenetic salt accumulation and water movement in the active layer of central Yakutia in eastern Siberia. Hydrological Processes. Larry Lopez, A. Brouchkov, H. Nakayama, F. Takakai, A. Fedorov, M. A late quaternary ice wedge from the Fox Permafrost Tunnel in central Alaska is a time capsule for gas and bacteria. SIM News.

Magazine of the Society for Industrial Microbiology, Vol. Brouchkov A. Permafrost and Periglac. Experimental study of influence of mechanical properties of soil on frost heaving forces.

Journal of Glaciology and Geocryology,vol. Pipelines on Permafrost. Japanese Society of Snow and Ice Journal, 66 2pp. Volume 15, Issue 1,pp. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes. Volume 13, Issue 3,pp. Nature and distribution of frozen saline sediments on the Russian Arctic coast. Volume 13, Issue 2,pp. Salt and water transfer in frozen soils induced by gradients of temperature and salt content. Estimation of long-term deformations of frozen saline soils.

Roman L. Basis, Fundaments and Soil mechanics, 2,pp. Immunological potential of microorganisms of frozen rocks in experiments with laboratory animals. Ninth International Conference on Permafrost. Extended Abstracts Edited by Douglas L. Kane and Kenneth M.

Hinkel, pp. Results of biological testing of relic microorganisms allocated from longstanding frozen rocks in experiment with laboratory mice. Brouchkov, M. Fukuda, M.

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Tanaka, T. Katayama, K. Asano and F. Dynamics of cryogenic processes and conditions of their development along major pipeline Bovanenkovo-Baidaratskaya. Hokkaido University Press, Sapporo, Japan,pp.Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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Istoria istoriilor mele. Potapov 17 augustMoscova. Conflictul transnistrean. Declaratia de Independent Adoptarea. Gribincea, M. Gribincea, I. Constituya Republicii Moldova din 29 iulie Concepta politicii exteme a Republicii Moldova. Lege "Cu privire la Guvem" nr. Programul de activitate al Guvernului Republicii Moldova pentru perioada ianuarie - martie Moldova Application no.

Decizie Cur ii Supreme de Justice din Republic of Moldova Country Strategy Paper - Ukraine Support Freedom Act ofH. Bruxelles, 27 iunie Declara ia Guvernului Roman 1 august II, Nr. Declara ia Parlamentului Romaniei privind Referendumul din Ucraina, din 1 decembrie III, Nr.

Anexa nr. Declara ie privind constituirea Coali iei de guvernare "Alian a pentru Integrarea Europeana" Program electoral al lui M. Alegerile din 25 februarie