Ushijima wakatoshi x shy reader

Snaking your arms around his neck, you press a tender kiss on his lips. Without even needing to say the words, you cup his face in your hands and look him dead in the eyes - posing a silent question, and judging by his reaction of averting his gaze from yours, he understood with perfect clarity.

When he turns back to you, you see something in his eyes that was so unlike his usual, stoic demeanor. That strong front of his had been stripped bare, only to reveal one of pure unease and fear - it was unusual to see him show such weakness, and in all honesty it just scared you even more. With a labored sigh, he slides his hand into your own - a subtle request of support, whilst avoiding eye contact.

How would they go about it? Would they manage to take it further? These are so cute, someone please cuff me. I need a boyfriend. Half kidding. Hinata would already love giving his partner plenty of kisses, even though every time he did the kisses would make his brain short circuit.

He and his girlfriend would be sitting on his couch watching some tv as they waited for his parents to come home and give her a ride back to her house. Hinata reached to place his hands on her waist but as soon as he did they pair heard the front door unlock as they scrambled to separate themselves.

Tsukishima would be much more smooth as he approached his partner.

ushijima x reader

The two would likely be watching a movie at a theater. Most likely a rom-com his partner coerced him into seeing. Inevitably, the film progressed to the scene where the two leads became more intimate with each other.

Tsukishima noticed how when his partner watched the scene she stopped eating her popcorn and became totally engrossed in the movie.

Ushihina {Ushijima Wakatoshi x Hinata Shouyou} Haikyuu!!

The theater was dark but he swore he could see a light blush dusting her cheeks. This was the perfect time for him to make his move. Tsukishima brushed his partners hair away from their face and began kissing up their jaw to their cheek until he reached their ear. Kageyama groaned in frustration, leaning his head on the table. He could feel his heart beginning to beat wildly in of his chest.

Noticing his blush she giggled. His lips moved tenderly against hers progressively becoming more forceful and sensual. He turned his body towards hers before wrapping an arm around her waist he stretched an arm out in front of him, dipping down until her back rested and against the rug in his room.Im glad youre aight with doing the walking out on your mans naked trend thingy.

I was hoping to request it for daichi, kuroo, bokuto, and ushijima pls : if thats too many characters you can cut some of them out!!! Thank you so much in advance!!!!! Originally posted by houseofkarasuno. Originally posted by mikaslut. Originally posted by yuseols. Thank you for asking!! You crawl onto his lap to straddle his hips and give him a lazy grin, your eyes hooded as your forehead meets his shoulder.

A large hand settles on your back to rub circles in an idle manner as he acknowledges you with a low hum that you can feel from his chest, a soothing vibration. A low whine leaves your lips and you look up with a pout and pleading eyes, tugging at his shirt in a needy manner.

A low groan escapes your lips; you need more of this. Of him. Of his heat, his touch. For a brief moment, his grip loosens and you give his crotch a hard grind before he hastily tightens his grip again, fighting back a grunt. Eventually, he has to stand up and lead you away to some room that neither of you care about. He locks the door behind him and turns to you, seemingly undeterred by the growing tent in his pants.

He looks so good, and in your horny haze you still take time to admire his build. A growl leaves his lips. When you look up, his eyes are already looking down at you.

The heat in them is intense and something coils up in your stomach. The next few minutes are a blur of torn clothes and kisses before he throws you onto the bed.

A giggle leaves your lips but turns into a low moan as he pushes a long, thick finger into you. He looks up and his eyes narrow at your expression. He slips in another finger. Please, daddy, just fuck me already. Something in him snaps at the mention of the word and a low growl leaves his lips.

It hits the right spots, anyway, and so you let loose another cry of pleasure. In, out, in, out. His thrusts slow for a split second before he meets your gaze; permission, reaffirmation.

Moans leave your lips as he sets an unforgiving pace.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Relationship with Ushijima Wakatoshi wasn't easy.

He seemed to often miss some little hints here and there. You wished he would have missed this one as well. All you want is a peaceful life She wasn't supposed to be in Japan very long - a month to help out with her sister's wedding. One simple visit and then she could back to her own life. When destiny and fate decide to intercede, her plans are thrown out the window. But after a lifetime of running away, while she stay or follow her instincts?

Basically, Oikawa goes missing cause he's been kidnapped by Ushijima. You Oikawa's lover go looking for him and end up getting captured too. Then,let's just say, a lot of sinful things take place. After a devastating false alarm, you find that the words you were born with led to a much more interesting and confusing partner. Still, you had waited for him, but do you want him after seeing it was the man who'd caused your beloved brother's pain over and over?

Welp I'm back from a nice writing break. Currently taking 21 units in college so here's a collection of Haikyuu!! A collection of short-chaptered stories based on the word, "finifugal". This is going to be a compilation series of one-shots, drabbles, or some random stuffs that went across my head and made a story about it.

The stories will depend on my mood, my imagination and my tiny bits of creativity. I will probably only use Haikyuu's character but hey, let's see what the future me will make for this work. The boy, Oikawa Tooru of Miyagi, grew up believing he'd only ever love one thing in life until he'd met "the one.

Oikawa meets you the spring of his second year in Seijoh. And they run into one of boyyos rivals who decides to make it a contest between pairings. Who wins? Who loses? What does the loser have to do in face of the loss?

These are one-shots for the Tumblr Haikyuu month from July that consist of reader inserts for assigned characters for each day with a surprise character on the last day! A four-year rent contract, five popular boys from your university, and a wallet that struggles with your living situation.Can I get a 7 quote prompt with Shinsou? We love a crazy mind control child yes we do. I had a lot of fun writing this actually!

The small squeak you let out made him excited, in more way than one. What was he going to do with you? The moment your shocked eyes met lavender, you smiled.

ushijima wakatoshi x shy reader

Shinsou was finally talking to you. You were still, unable to move, and Shinsou was standing right in front of you with somewhat of a smug look on his face. Was he controlling you? Of course, that must be it. He had just recently bought it, you even helped pick it out, though he claimed your opinion had nothing to do with his choice.

Unfortunately, knowing where you were going only made you more panicked. You thought it was weird how he wanted sound proof walls, but his reasoning was clear now. Tears began to fall from your eyes, despite your expression staying entirely neutral. Shinsou seemed to notice this and only smirked in response. Hitoshi thought you were gorgeous, but knew that if you were crying while he was holding you, it would raise suspicion among strangers.

He hummed to himself and brought you closer to him. He was sure to keep his touch gentle as he extended his arms around you to wipe your tears. His breathing got heavier once the salty water wiped onto his thumbs.

ushijima wakatoshi x shy reader

Although you were sure you were in danger, a part of you still hoped this was some sort of nasty prank. His lips immediately attached to your neck, sucking and biting every piece of skin he could reach. You hated yourself for it, but you let yourself enjoy this part. You felt like you were dying. I love being so close to you; breathing you in.

ushijima x reader

He pressed a last, wet kiss to your jaw before leaving you in the room on your own. You knew the layout of the apartment and saw that he went into the hallway. But you knew there had to be a time limit. If he just stayed gone long enough—. Shinsou Hitoshi was much too smart for that. He would never leave you alone for too long anyway, no no. You loves you too much, what if something bad were to happen? He came back holding the pairs of handcuffs in his hand. What was he doing? He gripped onto your shirt the moment you were within reach and pulled you to him roughly, your shirt was soon ripped off of you and thrown somewhere else in the room.

He soon stepped back and sat on the couch to admire his handiwork.

I wanna see how wet I can get you. Your body immediately obeyed him, straddling his lap and placing your hands on his chest, but your mind was screaming for him to please stop. You held your tears back and tried your best to think of anything else besides what was happening to you. The man beneath you grinned, hearing your cries the second he released his control over you.I just found your blog and jfc i love it so much!!

I was hoping to put in a request for an Ushijima fic, where the reader is the manager for another team you can decide which and she's secretly dating Toshi. And like one day when there's a tournament she sees Toshi and completely forgets that they're in a secret relationship and just runs and jumps into his arms, and everyone is just flabbergasted. I just love your writing so much aaaaaaa!! Then again, you suppose they have every right to be in such high spirits; they had just defeated yet another powerhouse school not too long ago.

Tomorrow, their playing will be pristine. Perfect and smooth. This, you have mixed feelings about. You always will. On one hand, Seijoh is your team. The both of you have done a good job of keeping your relationship a secret. Well, not exactly a secret, but neither of you see the need to make it clear that the two of you are an item. You pull yourself from your reverie to look at your team.

You clap your hands, effectively attracting their attention. Does anyone want any drinks?

ushijima wakatoshi x shy reader

Their reactions are immediate; seventeen voices rise and fall together and you can barely get a word in edgewise. You heave a sigh, raising your hands to cup your mouth. You inhale through your nose, running a hand through your hair.

ushijima wakatoshi x shy reader

This earns a few sheepish reactions. A few mutter embarrassed apologies, prompting you to roll your eyes before asking them to put in their requests one by one. Thankfully, not everyone is ordering different drinks. You walk past multitudes of people and students from different schools, paying them no mind until a group of girls pass by you, giggling.

Another one joins in, eagerly nodding her head in agreement. Hello, [Name]-cchi! You turn to face the tall redhead, returning his jovial smile with equal enthusiasm. You can only huff out a chuckle in response.

You can only laugh in response.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Work Search: tip: words Koi no Yokan. An untranslatable term that could be used to describe the sense, upon first meeting a person, that the two of you are going to fall in love.

It's your last year at Shiratorizawa academy, you didn't want to leave without making some memories. Ushijima fell short of his one and only goal. I'm sorry if this book is gonna have a lot of Yamaguchi x Reader stuff, author-chan had madly fallen for Yams. Chance ball or free ball is when the ball comes over and is not an attack. Its a notification to the front row hitters to go to their position and get ready to hit. Where you find yourself falling for Captains, though it all started when your friend, Astrid manage to drag you off towards a practice match between Karasuno and Auba Johai.

Ushijima is the professional volleyball player you get paired with for an ad campaign. Somehow, you convince him to simply let the paparazzi spread dating rumors for publicity. What could possibly go wrong? New to Shiritorizawa and the cheer squad, a mishap leaved your partner nursing an injury and you training alone.

In search of somewhere to practice, you stumble across the volleyball gym and one very stoic, very strong, Ushiwaka. Half his size, he helps you practice - throwing you around like a volleyball You and Ushijima have had things all worked out, a mutual give and take relationship that satisfies both parties involved.

With college just around the corner, your relationship with him takes an unexpected turn. There was just something about boys who played volleyball that just got you; probably the shorts. Aoba Johsai's volleyball team has never been able to defeat the Great Ushiwaka of Shiratorizawa.

Their manager, however? She can bring him to his knees in mere seconds. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Blame Game by hqprotectionsquad Fandoms: Haikyuu!! Heartstrings by chesaryzi Fandoms: Haikyuu!!

Chance Ball Haikyuu!! Maroon by ayeshah Fandoms: Haikyuu!! Shots of Fire by dbsby Fandoms: Haikyuu!! Icon by kydcorez Fandoms: Haikyuu!! Fated [god! Palatinate by Avese Fandoms: Haikyuu!!It was about time to change that.

There was no man more perfect or beautiful than Ushijima Wakatoshi and no one could change your mind in the matter. Sure he was not as glamorous as Oikawa Tooru or as smooth as Miya Atsumu or even as attention-grabbing as Bokuto Koutarou — all men which you personally knew and respected — but there was something in this simple stoic man. Something that demanded attention and once he had it, it made any other man look insignificant. You smiled softly, a faint blush on your cheeks as you just sat on an armchair, legs tucked close to your chest as you sipped from the mug in your hands.

There was a soft shy smile on your lips as you watched the man before you sleep. There was something peaceful and inviting in Wakatoshi when he slept. It just made you want to cruel up against him and go back to sleep.

Which you were tempted to do, but the sight of him was just too mesmerizing and you felt like a creep watching him like that. It was rare that you woke up before him, but he had a rough and long game yesterday and eventful night, he deserved the rest. Fortunately, it was the last game of the season and he won.

The two of you celebrated. With a small deep grumble, he shifted to lay on his back, still asleep. You admired lovingly the way the light fell on his naked chest, and how smooth his skin looked and you knew first hand it was addicting to touch him.

Your eyes trailed lowed to the v-shaped muscle, which led down to his crotch that was covered by thin blanket. Your eyes lingered at the era, your smile grew a bit bigger.

Taking one last sip of your drink, you placed the mug on the small table that stood next to the armchair, making sure to avoid placing it on the book that laid there.

Sleepy But Writing — Out Of Reach | Fat Gum x Reader

Which was fine. Slowly, you left a trail of small and soft kisses against his neck and collar bone, your tongue occasionally poking and touching his skin gently.

You knew that when he actually slept, he could sleep through a volcano eruption, and you planned to make something erupt before he woke up.

You kissed around it and dipped your tongue in his navel, and you felt his muscle tense. When you glanced up, you met with his intense gaze. You maintained eye contact, when you kissed further down, grabbing the blanket you dragged it off his body painfully slow.

Your face hovering only a little above the erected cock, which you discovered was hidden underneath the blanket. Wakatoshi was not a man who liked to be played with.